Sekond Skin Studios introduces a new style of yoga
Sekond Skin Studios introduces a new style of yoga


Buti is a blend of traditional yoga, plyometrics, high intensity cardio, tribal movement and dance. We move, we breathe, and we get down with some badass beats! This 1 hour class will get your heart beating, sweat dripping, muscles stretched and mind cleared.

Buti Swift

We understand not everyone has time for a full 60 minute sweat session each day. So, to help you get that workout in with limited time we have designed Buti Swift, a 35 minute class. Same Buti vibe, same challenge for the body and mind – you can expect results in a short amount of time with this efficient Buti yoga class.


What to bring:

Yoga mat, water, towel, open mind and heart.

What to leave behind:

Judgements, insecurities and fear!


Never heard of Buti Yoga?

Visit or YouTube What is
Buti Yoga? to see what it’s all about!

Hot Buti Yoga

Sekond Skin Studios brings the HEAT with Hot Buti.

Let’s heat it up from
the playlist to the room!

This 1 hour class will keep you sweating without the high intensity cardio and plyometrics we all love and hate in our regular Buti classes.

Same great music, same mix of yoga, dance and FUN…this class is designed to challenge the body and the mind without taking your heart rate too high.

You will need to drink lots of water BEFORE class to ensure you are properly hydrated. If you have never done a hot yoga class, it is recommended that you speak with your doctor to ensure you
have no health related issues that could be an issue in hot yoga.

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